Our Teachers

excel-class-academy-testprep-2In order for Excel Class Academy to offer the highest quality education, we need to hire the best possible instructors. Each of the Excel teachers has experience in the New York City school system and is a fully-certified teacher.

We only hire teachers who are certified and have a minimum of five years of teaching experience. The average amount of public teaching experience for our staff of teachers is 10 years, and we have many teachers who have experience that reaches 25 years. The staff of Excel Class Academy teachers has been with our organization for an average of eight years.

Matching Teachers With Students

At Excel Class Academy, we believe in establishing an educational system that customizes the experience as much as possible for each student. To accomplish this, we assign each of our teachers to a various subject within a grade level, and then break it down further based on the needs of the students. If there is a group of students that need certain types of math tutoring, then we assign a qualified teacher to handle that need.

Our teachers also specialize in the various tests that are given throughout the New York City school system. Our test preparation curriculum is the best available because we hire only the most qualified teachers to prepare your child for the PSAT/SAT and other tests.

Our teachers also utilize the latest technology and methods to get the best possible results for each student. We review all of the new pieces of technology that are available, and then our teachers determine which equipment will work best in our classrooms. We also ask our students if they have any educational resources they use at home that would benefit the entire class, and our teachers evaluate that technology as well.

excel-class-academy-testprep-3Educate Our Children

If you are a certified New York City teacher at the elementary, junior high, and high school levels, then you are a candidate to join our staff. We would put you in a position where you would educate children based on your strengths, instead of asking you to be a jack-of-all-trades. We need certified and experienced teachers to join our staff, and to help out with weekend programs.

Contact us today to ask about becoming a teacher at Excel Class Academy. Not only will we put you in a position to succeed, but you will also play a part in educating some of the best students in the New York City area.